Signboard installation in Quetta, Pakistan

Signboard installation team of signboards is on its way to Quetta travelling about 600 miles from Lahore. It is going to be an amazing adventure. Our client is a restaurateur opening his restaurant in Quetta which is one of the most beautiful places of Pakistan.


Our client as usual contacted us through internet. Traveled from Quetta to meet us and finalized the whole deal regarding various advertising needs including outdoor signage, menu, flyers, invoice, customized condiments (sugar sachets, toothpicks, straws, tissue boxes) and etc.

It is going to be our first venture travelling so far. Our fitting and fabrication team is very excited for this venture. They are even planning ahead about what they will be doing once they finish their job.  Fonts  and Colors has installed many signboards in the city of Lahore and other cities near by. The type of signboard which we are going to install is Acrylic signboard.


It is going to look wonderful both in day and night attracting its customers. It will first of kind in that area of Quetta and even client is very excited about the upcoming fitting and installation of this signboard. They got all their requirements under one roof and that is why Fonts and Colors advertising focuses on their Slogan “Providing solution to all your advertising needs” and we are always in the hunt to make sure that we do what we say.

Acrylic Signboard making takes skill and art as signboard maker has to go through different stages. Visit our website for advertising solutions you might need. Fonts and Colors is quickly growing in the advertising market and has achieved numerous landmarks in short period of only 7 months. Our clients have always given us positive feedback and are satisfied with the solutions we provide.

Be our next client and enjoy the attention we give to each of our client.