Eminent Air Conditioners Branding

Eminent Branding

We are very proud of becoming branding face of Eminent. It is a brand of world class air conditioners launching in Pakistan for the very first time. We just started their office branding which included Back light Signboard, Vinyl Pasting on their front glass windows. The project has just taken off and will include logo made out of acrylic sheet which is commonly used for 3D appearance.

The project in future will also include offset printing of their brochures and visiting cards. Branding has always been the trademark of Fonts and Colors as we specialize in branding of a company. Eminent is launching in Pakistan introducing new Earth R32 technology which is completely new in Pakistan. According to Eminent it saves more energy than other products available in the market. They chose Fonts and Colors to be their partner and we are going to make sure that we don’t disappoint them and will help them with whatever their need is.

They must have gone through our portfolio on our home page.