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Online advertising for dotHFitness

Advertising for dotHFitness

With our excellent reputation in advertising industry we was referred by one of our previous client about taking on board the project of a fitness training centre [first of its kind in Pakistan]. They provide fitness to client’s doorstep by bringing all the necessary equipment required to your home. We were very excited about starting that project. We happen to meet the owner of the company [Ijaz Anwar]. He is a professional trained from South Africa and United Kingdom under the training of people like Gary Kirsten and many other international athletes. We started by designing their logo which they really liked and discussed the online and physical advertising plan of their project. We shared the same vision with the project.

Work on their website, visiting cards has already been started followed by their social media campaigns and search engine optimization. dotHFitness is planning to go for physical location [an actual fitness centre] and we are proud to be part of that venture as far as branding is concerned including offset printing, signboard, inside branding etc.

It always feel good to have an excellent partner or client attached to you and dotHFitness definitely falls into that category.

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online advertising

MINISO 3d acrylic boxes

We are very proud of taking Chinese top retail brand “MINISO” on board. We have delivered the first lot of acrylic raffle boxes which will be used for their in store games. We are also on track to install their Signboard.


MINISO contacted us regarding their Stainless Steel Signboard and acrylic raffle boxes. We agreed on the deal and are hoping to have a long term relationship.

MINISO has expanded worldwide with over 250 stores. We are very proud that they chose Fonts and Colors Advertising to be their branding partner. We are very excited to take them on board which will help them and us to expand our businesses.

Its a win win situation. Fonts and Colors have once again proven that we are best at what we do.

Bahawalpur’s Pelican Division offset printing


We have done various tasks related to offset printing. We were very proud of the moment when we were contacted by one of the representatives of Pelican Division [Signal Battalion] of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. After a long conversation and exchange of many dialogues, we finally came to a decision to start printing of magazine. which had to be of highest quality and must stand out.

After a period of about 20 days we finally finished the printing of the magazine. It was packed in box of highest quality. We are very proud of the result we achieved. I hope we continue to work for army in future.

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Eminent Air Conditioners Branding

Eminent Branding

We are very proud of becoming branding face of Eminent. It is a brand of world class air conditioners launching in Pakistan for the very first time. We just started their office branding which included Back light Signboard, Vinyl Pasting on their front glass windows. The project has just taken off and will include logo made out of acrylic sheet which is commonly used for 3D appearance.

The project in future will also include offset printing of their brochures and visiting cards. Branding has always been the trademark of Fonts and Colors as we specialize in branding of a company. Eminent is launching in Pakistan introducing new Earth R32 technology which is completely new in Pakistan. According to Eminent it saves more energy than other products available in the market. They chose Fonts and Colors to be their partner and we are going to make sure that we don’t disappoint them and will help them with whatever their need is.

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Signboard installation in Quetta, Pakistan

Signboard installation team of signboards is on its way to Quetta travelling about 600 miles from Lahore. It is going to be an amazing adventure. Our client is a restaurateur opening his restaurant in Quetta which is one of the most beautiful places of Pakistan.


Our client as usual contacted us through internet. Traveled from Quetta to meet us and finalized the whole deal regarding various advertising needs including outdoor signage, menu, flyers, invoice, customized condiments (sugar sachets, toothpicks, straws, tissue boxes) and etc.

It is going to be our first venture travelling so far. Our fitting and fabrication team is very excited for this venture. They are even planning ahead about what they will be doing once they finish their job.  Fonts  and Colors has installed many signboards in the city of Lahore and other cities near by. The type of signboard which we are going to install is Acrylic signboard.


It is going to look wonderful both in day and night attracting its customers. It will first of kind in that area of Quetta and even client is very excited about the upcoming fitting and installation of this signboard. They got all their requirements under one roof and that is why Fonts and Colors advertising focuses on their Slogan “Providing solution to all your advertising needs” and we are always in the hunt to make sure that we do what we say.

Acrylic Signboard making takes skill and art as signboard maker has to go through different stages. Visit our website for advertising solutions you might need. Fonts and Colors is quickly growing in the advertising market and has achieved numerous landmarks in short period of only 7 months. Our clients have always given us positive feedback and are satisfied with the solutions we provide.

Be our next client and enjoy the attention we give to each of our client.

Advertising Companies in Pakistan

Advertising has become the very important tool to promote new or even existing services and products, and at the same time, consumers are trying their products through any part of the world. This is where advertising companies come into play.Internet marketing has become the center of interest to company owners. The reasons behind this tend to be that digital marketing in Pakistan is cheaper when compared with a billboard or even other advertising techniques. This leads to more chances of getting together with people who are really interested in a well-advertised company.

Even for professionals, it is extremely complicated to determine that which is best online advertising technique. You can choose some techniques according to your requirements and objectives among all the top Advertising Companies in Pakistan. The only point you must understand that whatever method you are going to use, it will reach your own focused area. Your approach to advertising and content material of the advertising should be in a way that it not just creates interest but also talks to customers to buy your product.

Here are a few several ways of online advertising:

Article promotion: this type of technique is commonly used when you wish to run your own advertisements for longer time period.

Search engine optimization (SEO): this happens from the top of the list if you want quick as well as fast outcomes. It is among the best methods for internet marketing and helps to find advertising agency in Lahore and get access in the market very easily.

Banner advertising: These types of advertising companies in Pakistan are very prominent.

E-mail advertising

On the internet classifieds marketing

Others: additionally there are other ways of free marketing i.e., giving promotions for social media sites, such as Facebook as well as Twitter.

Whatever method of internet marketing you choose, it is going to absolutely provide good results within the promotion of the products.

Numerous rules associated with online advertising:

1.Set goal of the advertising: in your advertising, your goal should be obviously described. Your own message ought to be precise as well as clear within your marketing agencies in Pakistan. It is simple to obtain greatest benefits of your advertisement promotions if you know exactly how and what is the market and how to reach out to your audience.

2.Decide “where” to put your own ad: you need to be good enough to recognize the best website where you can place your advertising in Pakistan. You have to do a little analysis to find the best website for the marketing of your item. You can think about online directories, search engines and Company directories along with other huge internet sites.

3.become creative: customize and mold your own message based on your target audience. Make use of the words which spells are very short but complete. It really is similarly important to provide your concept according to the mentality of your specific audience. This task needs creativeness and will choose an advertisement to outstand among all advertising companies in Pakistan.